Monday, April 12, 2004

for a change, a nice surprise

in my evil, dastardly mailbox this morning, i found a thin envelope from nyu. "bastards," i thought. "you're rejecting me twice!" as it turns out, that's not exactly the case. with my permission, they're going to consider me for an inter-disciplinary program. i've never heard of it, but who am i to turn down anything? maybe they'd let me research new york city history and write more movies about it, which would be supercool.

maybe even more supercool than just writing poetry. well, we'll see.

i'm all jazzed up cuz i'm getting drawn into the ASSassins game happening on campus. wisely i decided not to play again -- never to play again, in fact, after it nearly ruined my fall semester junior year. although i made it to the top five and accumulated hilarious stories involving sprained wrists and insidiously-motivated trips to new york city, losing crushed my fragile spirit. over the course of my lengthy recovery period, i realized that i can't take games like these with the right combination of "To The Death!" spirit & cunning with hipster insouciance (& cunning). plus i can't run fast enough.

but it's still fun watching other people get paranoid, and plan, and get frantic, and pull themselves together to plan some more. and grab each others asses.

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