Tuesday, April 20, 2004

the same four notes

i have been happy every day since the sun came out. how primitive of me.

in an attempt to take charge of my life, i went to the bookstore and shelled out for:
mounting squares to hang up posters & make my room less skeletally bleak. yes, this is way overdue.
a new (disposable) fountain pen
three folders
and a free-standing file folder organization type system.

i bought it all, returned to my room, and snapped my fingers. nothing mary poppinsish happened, or sword in the stoneish for that matter, but i figure i'll keep trying every day til my honors exams are over. it'll take persistence and dedication, i know. i'm willing to put in the effort, at least until my snapping fingers get tired.

both of the papers i need to revise for friday have been dealt with -- which is to say, i changed the date at the top to 4/25/04. and the paper i need to write for friday has been written. by thursday afternoon, twill all be done and handed in, right in time for me to disappear from swarthmore for the subsequent few days. score.

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