Wednesday, April 07, 2004

on the subject of cinema:

i had my interview with The Company. it went ... fine, actually. i have no more specific sense of it than that. & i'll hear -- "one way or the other" -- in a couple weeks.

columbia hates me. moving on.

i saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. oh. ohhhhhhh. as soon as it was over i wanted to see it again. until i see it again, i'm not sure i'll be able to articulate why i liked it so much except that i so approved of the moral.

columbia hates me. no really. i got my rejection this morning. however, at least now i've heard and i don't have to spend the next month or so waiting & hopingagainsthope.

i'm supposed to be reading film theory about third world cinema. can't bring myself -- too tired. imperialism bad! giving oppressed people a voice good!

no wonder columbia hates me.

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