Monday, April 26, 2004

twenty oz. of perspective! stat!

the good news is, the nyu draper program confirmed that they have received my application (sent two weeks ago). the bad news is, i may not hear from them until early august.

the good news is, i had a lovely weekend home with a women for kerry rally on friday, the march for women's lives on sunday, a lyrically gorgeous day on saturday ending with a party, and lots of time with ben throughout. the bad news is, my suspicions were confirmed in terms of how stressed i need to be in this my last week of classes.

the good news is, i handed in my thesis to the english department last friday. yay! the bad news is, i also have to turn in a copy to the history department this friday and though i gave my advisor a copy a long time ago, she never got it back to me. well, until today. annotated. dripping with purple. her comments, in addition to being lengthy, are (a) tardy, as i now have only four days to revise with everything else i have to do, and (b) tactless, as, over the course of 110 pages, she couldn't write the word "good" once. i would dare the FBI to comb through and find a single scrawl that even resembles a compliment.

n.b. to anyone reading anyone else's creative work: use the word "good" in your reaction, even if only once, even if only in reference to the font choice or the effort. people who produce creative work are notoriously sensitive and are likely crying in front of their computers right now because of you and your stupid purple thoughtlessness.

see? i should have written after i'd taken an a pied tour of bethesda with my b.loved, or after dinner with high skool friends, or after seeing kill bill which i actually liked, or after attending a history-making feminist march with my mother. before i got back to swarthmore and morphed into my more-and-more-frequently grumpy swat self.

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