Tuesday, April 27, 2004

let's set a new tone in this country!

did i mention i saw john kerry speak this weekend? that was pretty noteworthy. the crowd -- about 3,000 including my darling mother and ben who gives a lucid description -- wore red and white shirts from planned parenthood and naral and enjoyed his speech. the man is not on fire yet but according to sources within the administration he will only get bigger, and angrier, and more passionate until his takes this country BACK FOR US IN 2004!!!! YAYWHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

i also did a lot of screaming this weekend. "what do we want?" "CHOICE!" "when do we want it?" "now! er, always!" and "bush, bush, go away! racist, sexist, anti-gay!" and some screaming, of which ben didn't approve, at the pro-lifers waving death-sin-holocaust signs at us. it was the holocaust references that got to me; you can't show me night and fog-type pictures in non-night and fog-related contexts and not expect me to become the estHulker. ("the only h in ester stands for HULK")

if kerry had spoken at the rally, i think he mighta swung the momentum a little away from "more bush less george" to "ke-rry! ke-rry!" etc. but as it is, most everyone i saw wore a kerry sticker, aside from the "we're pro-choice republicans!" folks who i didn't understand. that means they don't vote pro-choice ... why are they announcing that?

my favorite sign might have been "roe roe roe your vote." that was pretty cool.

the point is, i'm off to new york for today for a visit with The Company followed by a Gala, & i need a happy face. the sunshine is soothing, like an huge lozenge that's sucking on ME. wow. now, with metaphors like that, how did i get rejected from so many mfa programs, i ask you? they don't know what they're missing.

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