Thursday, April 15, 2004

me & mrs. o'leary's cow

the qsa (queer straight alliance) flame war has suddenly stopped. for over 24 hours, innocent freshmen and irate seniors overflowed everyone's inboxes. actually not all the blame can be laid on freshmen: if the senior who was the first to respond my initial email hadn't done so, he wouldn't have touched off the blaze.

maybe that makes me mrs. o'leary and him the cow.

the amazing things is that it was my initial email, the first i ever sent to the list, my poor little email that started this great big war. ben says i shouldn't be naive about this, that in sending the short message about dan savage's latest (and, in my opinion, patently offensive & unfunny) column, i should have known what would likely happen.

in my own defense, i did not. the vehemence of disagreement astounded me and i lay low throughout the war, happy to let others explain how his column was "some phobic shit." now an uneasy silence falls across our inboxes. a gloomy peace this morning with it brings/ the sun for sorrow will not show its head. (except it was gorgeous when i woke up and so bright my first thought was, Did i sleep with my lamp on again?) the war has had its climax but not yet its denouement. perhaps we will be treated to none except a gradual slide of this event into the forgotten past.

but never was there a tale of more wow
than this of me & mrs. o.l.'s cow

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