Sunday, April 18, 2004

a happy list

my SKIN is happy because it is tinged tan from the hours i spent outside in the summerliketime.
my TUMMY is happy because this morning i had brunch. real brunch.
my LEGS are happy because i wore a skirt without tights.
my HAIR is happy because sunshine makes it ruddy.
my SOUL is happy because i read names today for holocaust remembrance day.
my HEART is happy because ben is here, and because he cleaned my refrigerator for me. i'd been afraid to go near it since he informed me, months ago, that some mold had grown. naturally, since i ignored the problem, some spores had become an evergreen forest, but ben fought the forest-fire with fire. afterwards he asked, "does it meet your standards? if you want me to scrub harder, i'll scrub harder."

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