Friday, May 07, 2004

feel free to congratulate me ... now

hey! so guess what! not only have i maintained a spring-fresh perspective over the several days since my acupressure appointment, even over the course of one exam and my very first HONORS exam, but i have also

bought a new pair of shoes, a pair of pants, and a tank top with a monkey on it for $6 total;

seen my video production class exhibition go off flawlessly and reaped compliments thereafter;

gotten a good grade on my vpc final project;

and received word that i made the next cut in the interminable process that is getting my entry-level job in The Company. the vice president actually sounded excited to talk to me and we're setting up interview #3 for after my honors exams are over. yay!! plus the honors exam that i had today was totally fine. i'm sure i passed. half of the test was me writing an essay on clueless, for god's sake. if i don't know clueless, i don't know nothing.

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