Wednesday, May 19, 2004

what a town

have i mentioned that wfuv provides my favorite internet soundtrack? it's super great. sometimes they play songs from O Brother which i enjoy so much that i consider becoming the 50 millionth american to buy that particular cd despite the fact that's it's bluegrass and we americans hate bluegrass.

hello! i'm back. several days in baltimore, a night in dc, then a day in the film archive of the library of congress, then back to an eerily emptied college campus. for perhaps the first time this semester, my transition back to swarthmore went smoothly. for the first time, the transition also took place courtesy of my, THE film professor (TFP) who is the cutest authority figure i've ever met and a wicked driver. she was chaperoning a field trip to washington dc for two of us who were in her seminar this semester and then two other senior girls who like film.

the field trip itself was fun and all, but the highlight came on the drive back to swarthmore when TFP realized she had missed the exit and u-turned over the median strip to go back the other way. also when we established, she and i, that we are precisely the same height. 5' 1-and-3/4": the height of genius.

i got to be the resident dc expert and strut around -- inasmuch as one can strut, seated in a honda -- all proud in what little knowledge of the area i have. maybe leaving swarthmore will help me curtail my habit of wanting to seem like i know everything. maybe having a swarthmore degree will only make it worse. sigh.

silver lining: maybe that propensity to speak with authority will help me survive my four oral honor exams over the next two days. each lasts 45 minutes. when i'm done, i will officially be Done. Done with senior year, Done with college. but of course i can't think about that right now.

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