Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"touching your shoulder's like putting my hand on a wall"

i'm growing a respect for a-traditional medicine. first, in the fall, the chiropractor, who looked like a boyband frontman, fixed my poor wrenched neck for only $5. then, this morning, the acupressurist here at swat made my whole body feel fuzzy in a good way for no money at all!

i had been a little irked when i recalled i had the appointment with her this morning. i had been up til the wee hours last night, just as i'd been to the wee hours the night before that, in both cases to work on eliz's and my video project. we finally finished! whee! and danced around and went back to our rooms to get some much-needed sleep. so the prospect of rising at 9-something (too wee! i wanted something much less wee) was not a friendly one.

the acupressurist herself was very friendly though and for the hour that she treated me i either slept or hallucinated. or maybe i saw visions of the future. not my future, but someone's, whoever's involves a whole world gone gray except for a bright red flag flown at the top of an official-looking building. hmm. now that i think about it, that's a pretty communist vision, init? well, i can't be held accountable; i was being pressure-pointed at the time.

afterwards, to handle my wooziness, she advised me to lie down and drink lots and lots of water. i did her one better: i decided, on impulse, to take my woozy but much improved body into the city to see kill bill 2. i met up with an old friend, wandered through the sunshine, ran an errand for my boy, and, on impulse, returned to swat without having seen kb2. but still, a worthy day. now i'm going to see mitch hedberg and commence the scariest 10 days in recent memory.

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