Monday, May 17, 2004

gentle, and, in the end, life affirming

i finished my writtens. dizzying. by the end of lunch thereafter, i still hadn't processed that i finished. it took my going down to the crum with addie to dangle our feet in the water from a stone in the middle of the creek, and then it took spending the rest of the day in the sunshine talking to people that studying for honors had kept me from talking to in weeks.

saturday morning i trekked down to baltimore to rest and recuperate. tomorrow evening i'm heading back to skool, hopefully ready to face my orals. this is all very bracing and i'm sure very interesting to read. well. maybe senior week will be chock full of nutsy things that i can recount, to the delight of all.

oh wait, i have good news. it's GAY DAY! three cheers for love triumphing, appropriately enough on the 17th. as for me, as of today, it's been three years and three months.

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