Monday, May 24, 2004

i can't promise i'll try. but i'll try to try

the new plan is to be extremely rational about everything, so as to avoid putting any unnecessary stress on my tear ducts. this has been a very emotionally involved semester: upswings, downswings. and by semester, i mean year.

what do rational people do? they make lists.

- i had a lovely time in atlantic city today. i went more or less on a whim. i'd never been before.
- i gambled for the first time. roulette is *my* game. i won $46, flirted with the table master, and quit while i was ahead
- also, i wore my bikini in public, in the ocean even, for the first time
- i spent last night watching HBO, both their sunday night line up and then season 1 of six feet under on dvd. nothing is yummier than HBO.
- i have a future
- i'm done with honors, done with swarthmore, and i never have to check my transcript again

- speaking of transcript, where did all those B+s come from? a parade of them have overtaken my much-more-appreciated parade of A-s. this might be depressing if i weren't being strictly rational (rational reading of the situation: it doesn't matter!)
- i only got honors. see above: honors = B+. well, some people say B+ / A- , and if that's the case, that's where i belong. still. you know. ... a person likes to succeed.
- despite the fact that i put on lots of sunscreen today, i got pretty burnt. or unpretty burnt, rather. it's not attractive; it's blotchy. pain.

at least i smell like the sea. i should put that under PRO.

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