Monday, December 03, 2001

honest discussion yesterday, post-co|motion, of what our parameters are as people. what we can't forgive, what we can't stand. some turning to each other and saying, please never do this, or when you did this, i felt _____. led to a decent amount of brooding but the good kind (i think). at any rate the openness makes me happy. it implies a certain level of trust.

finally downloaded a satellite (sp?) and i've been flailing in the musical wilderness since. any suggestions? most of what i've accumulated so far has been falconridge stuffs (neilds, efo, lucy kaplansky, erin mckeown,) good-old-folksy stuff that's come highly recommended (catie curtis, lucinda williams, tegan and sara) and stuff that i'm approaching warily, sniffing as i go (melissa ferrick.) *shrug* trying to avoid those people i'm already on a first-name basis with (ani tori alanis joni bjork bob)
oh lord lucy kaplansky's version of it ain't me babe just came on -- gorgeous, gorgeous.
anyone know anything about Poe?

two of my three movies via half arrived today: lock stock and two smoking barrels and barton fink. rushmore the third is on its way. as i'm not particularly swamped this week, i sent out an open-ended invitation for whosoever's interested in watching either w/ me. they're both fabulous, weird and unique. still lusting after chungking express and network, both of which amazed me when i saw them this summer, but i think i'll wait to see them a few more times before i put them for-sure on my favorites list. that's usually my m.o.

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