Saturday, December 08, 2001

so far the only thing i've done affirmatively today is make plans to do things affirmatively later in the week. downloading like mad from audio galaxy. not laundering, sweeping, putting things away, creating a short story/play about the life of sarah maria cornell (if i failed at writing her biography, would should a fictional biography be any easier?) or researching polisci. life offcampus often feels lonely: i envision a cross-section of the barn revealing eight people in eight rooms on each of three floors, working on their monitor tans. i'd call someone but i've always had trouble with that. if people want to talk to me, wouldn't they call me? my mouth tastes like nutrasweet, which in bulk resembles novacaine. it's raining.

didn't watch a movie yesterday as per stern instructions to self. did a little hannukah shopping. we don't have a hannukiah. that's all right, i don't think we had one last year. it feels more like we should make an effort this year though. maybe not. who cares. ooh lethargy, you old scoundrel, you; i haven't seen you in ages; how you been? how's that guy you live with, what'shisname, apathy? what's he up to nowadays ... ?
why can't i write poetry anymore?

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