Tuesday, March 11, 2003

back from the relatively unfrozen north. jonah , who may chronicle the journey on his grandfather's webtv, drove sarah, with whom, before this series of coincidences interlaced our paths, i had never seriously spoken and who, moreover, does not believe in blogs, ben and me up to my grandparents' house in the green mountains. we celebrated skool finally letting out by stopping in nyc for dinner, dessert, and actually-funny improv in chelsea before dropping in on a much startled crowd in ben's dad's house. half the assembly stared at us fuzzily in matching bathrobes, then threw up their hands and let us have our way. marauding college kids, high on adrenaline and comedy! they knew they didn't stand a chance.

we calmed down once we made it to the serenity of manchester, vt. the calm, i think, had a calming effect. we slept and made popcorn, rented 5 movies for $5 and watched three (not bad) (reefer madness -- camp: hilariously unbelievable; sleeper -- funny for fifteen minutes and then same-old woody allen claptrap; and women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, vintage almodovar). we ate a lot of sugar. all day saturday we skiied: in the morning we [read: ben] taught sarah to ski on the bunny slope and then ben and i hit the squares. we're so hardcore. sarah acrued an impressive collection of bruises to go with her knee socks and we totally earned the shitty overpriced hot ski lodge lunch food, not to mention the yummy mexican dinner and ben&jerry's.

sarah distributed fake tattoos that made us all look like we'd been mauled. they pleased us much. eventually, sadly, we had to pack up clean up and go, after a stop at my favorite bookstore in the world. jonah drove us safely back to ny and this morning ben squired me into the city to meet my mother and grandmother for lunch. they'd popped up for a Good Cause Auction and i got to take the train back to dc with them. phew. travelling done, at least for the moment, i'm going to sleep deeply -- when i'm done with this conversation w/ sarah kelly about the INCREDIBLE PARTY WE'RE GOING TO THROW:

WHAT'S YOUR LUV WORTH-STOCK: coming to you this spring!! probably april. a couples only olympics: prove your luv in games like "heart hickey giving" and "co-dependent [aka, 3-legged] racing", the exhibitionism treasure hunt and name that luv-tune! you know you want to, so if you're not in luv, give that good friend a second glace or get going on that elusive crush. more details to follow soon.

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