Thursday, March 06, 2003

i've been offered an intership at the abrams artists agency in new york this summer. casting! casting! that's what i want to do. well, if writing doesn't pan out, or while i wait for writing to pan out, or you know. !! isn't it exciting? unpaid, of course, and the chances of me meeting anyone important are of course slim. but oh good -- it's something. my first relatively concrete something for the summer.

(i have to get one of the two grants for which i'm applying or the Scholars thing; and/or eliz needs to get the jp money & chase internship for me to live in new york at all. so many elements, it's hard to keep them straight, and in the attempt i'm eating far too much sugar. i need a personal assistant. or an organizational skillz class. or a little robot to follow me everywhere reminding me of due dates and lunch dates and keeping my papers nicely filed in his electronic briefcase, as opposed to just piled precariously on my floor/bed.)

a package arrived from my parents today, containing a whole winter's supply of ski clothes. since we're only expecting to spend a day or two on the slopes, i got that warm "oh, mommy" feeling in my heart. also the key to the house in vermont, a very important article that i WILL not forget. i am very excited. veryveryvery. now that i'm done with my pre-break work, i'm focused on rehearsals, people, and this trip. i am also enamored of the post-its danny got me; i don't know how i ever managed without them.

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