Saturday, March 22, 2003

laundry is terrific procrastination. once it's done, though, the professional's trick is to go through old computer files and reorganize them and in the process, come across something so engrossing or funny it requires your full attention and at least twenty minutes of your time (twenty more if you decide to blog about it). really i should be reading history or working on my theater paper due monday. instead i'll exclaim over what i found:

a quote list compiled over two years. some from famous people, some from my friends. unlike other people's dreams, the things other people's friends say can be found interesting. i swear. and to prove it, here's a sampling:
rick: �when I grow up, I�ll just get people to lie on. that�ll be my bed. I�ll be wealthy; I�ll pay them�

ester: �yeah, I like this. rick is healthier than geoff.�
geoff (behind me): �thank you, ester.�

liz: �I wish you could eat landscapes without them tasting like dirt�

ari: �don�t do anything I wouldn�t do drunk�

kate, a nomad: "my mother always had trouble connecting with people"
me: "what does she do?"
kate: "she builds fences"

marc: "i'm comfortable with my sexuality. i don't know what it is, but i'm comfortable with it"

ross: �I saw her naked. the trouble was, she was only the 2nd or 3rd most beautiful thing I�d seen all day�

david: �I�m not any kind of artist. unless you count math as art�

my mother: �jesus! it�s no wonder my kids can�t form relationships�

me, to jeff, the only black kid in his skool: �was that hard for you?�
jeff: �only when things were missing"

rebecca: �I want to live in a box. with a lot of money in the box. and a j. crew.�

ben: �if eve had hair, it�d be like yours�

one pothead: �your hair matches your eyes�
the other: �what, my hair is bloodshot?�

matt rubin: "black people like me. it's white people think i'm a racist"

tamar: �it�s not multiple personalities. I�m just developing a strong relationship w/ myself�

ben: �I wish I had some money�
me: �so you could fly over here?�
ben: �so I could rent a movie�

johnny: �if anything scares me, it�s the colony of Roanoke. that and the music on the weather channel�

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