Saturday, March 29, 2003

i shouldn't post now; i should wait til i'm up again. the combination of getting 9 hours of sleep total over two nights; 2 plays at which i often, watching, forget to breathe; & the arrival and departure of 5 family members has affected me. maybe the weather too. maybe i could deal if the sun came back. i don't feel like thinking or making decisions: not good: i have an appointment to get my hair chopped in an hour. when i'm depressed i overpunctuate. comma comma,, semicolon: period.

the plays have been good. the plays have been fantastic, even. last night i was as happy with it as i ever desired to be. i spent the half-hour after the show ended, dazed and glowing, collecting compliments. in addition to forgetting how funny the show is, i hadn't realized it could also be moving. but the audience got really into it. that's really the best, when the audience doesn't laugh, it makes those other group noises -- gasps! oh nos! -- as tho it isn't obvious that everything will be straightened out by the end.

... okay, totally couldn't leave the entry on that note. i didn't mean to initially, i just had to dash out and meet my family for breakfast. as i feel better now, i may as well add that. lots of good food today. at breakfast, once i finished half a belgian waffle, some scrambled eggs, and part of my little brother's bagel with lox, people finally stopped ragging me about not eating. then for lunch stef,eliz,brig and i hit up bertucci's in bryn mawr. bertucci pizza = gucci pizza.
brig and i both got short haircuts. mine's flouncy. oh it feels so light. i've been told it's flirtatious and sophisticated. that cracks me up.

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