Sunday, March 23, 2003

someone is drumming outside my window, repetitively. pointless! no building, no progressing. it could be trance-inducing if it weren't irritating. is that the point of drumming? of course i shouldn't ask such questions; i have several friends who are very earnest on the subject. i guess when you have a lot of drums that make a lot of sounds it's different. this fellow seems to be approaching it like dribbling a basketball. -- oh wait, no, he just changed his pace and it sounded cool for a bit. clearly there is something to be said for the instrument after all.

i'm antsy. it's lovely out again and again i'm in. writing a theater paper. i get so focused on one thing that having to deal with other things that pop up feels like a supreme nuisance. why can't i have a cadre of servants who handle trivialities for me? i think last time i requested a robot to follow me around. perhaps monkey butlers could handle both sets of responsiblities. yes, monkey butlers. that's the ticket.
i wish i were a genius. if i were a genius, i'd warrant monkey butlers, wouldn't i? or at least lots and lots of time to watch reruns of the simpsons. i wouldn't have to explain how they were inspiratory, either, because i'd be a genius, and you wouldn't understand.

this show is warping my brain. i think in lilting, british rich-speak. i say "quite." i dream of cast members. i enter trance-like states where i mumble whole scenes of dialogue (the drumming, please, make it stop, he's gone back to dribbling now). it will all be over soon and then i'll miss it. some quotes in the meanwhile (you know, to entice you):
"there is only one real tragedy in a woman's life: that her past is always her lover and her future invariably her husband"

"women represent the irrational?"
"well-dressed women do"

"other people are quite dreadful. the only possible society is oneself. to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"

"i should make you a very bad husband"
"i don't mind bad husbands. i've had two"

"geniuses talk so much, don't they? and they're always thinking of themselves when i want them to be thinking of me."

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