Friday, March 21, 2003

this cracked me up. actually it seems like a viable decision-making process. if the academy really does give the statue to that awful nicholson man again, it will be for the reasons stated there. some of the humor's crude so beware, mom.
speaking of my mother, she sent me an email today to the effect that someone stole her credit card number and to it charged several phone-sex calls, at $28 a pop.

speaking of phone sex ... no.
speaking of oscars, they're sunday! isn't it exciting? i've spent 17 hours over the past 5 days in rehearsal; more to come this weekend. i will throw myself in front of the oscars on sunday night and bask for the entirety in the mindless, spineless, petty, pretty entertainment. o i can't wait.
speaking of the oscars, it always perplexes me when i like things that aren't generally liked. it's not even a CoolDifferent thing. i feel far more left out or dorky than the bastion of enlightenment, confident in my own judgement and willing to stand by my beliefs until others rush to join me. why don't people like the hours? was the score really that bad? i didn't notice it. it certainly didn't do a hack-away-at-you job worthy of john williams. i understand why people don't agree with me about adaptation. but ... the hours! meryl streep! women! water! virginia woolf! surely those elements compensate for big eyed little children and hackneyed AIDS-ridden gay poets.

this year comes down to the battle of the sexes. chicago and the hours are estrogen-soaked weepy/exuberant 1st 2nd and 3rd wave feminist tracts about women as victims and agents. gangs and pianist are testosterone-y (rhymes with "rice-a-roni") violent/meditative wartime masculinist tracts with token female characters/sex objects. LOTR:TTT would join the latter category if it weren't preoccupied with swiping at orcs and if half the men didn't look so girly. yes that's you, leggy-lass. however, they are all good films, and i almost don't care who'll win. chicago will.

i handed in my grant proposal and ate stolen pizza for dinner. my mind is certainly not all in one place. but i think the show's going to be good. i haven't done homework in ages, or seen roomie brigid. i really need an awful lot of luck.

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