Wednesday, March 05, 2003

i'm beginning to wonder whether being vegetarian is like havine dated someone for 4 months -- you're getting antsy and you realize you either have to move on to the next stage of committment (i love you / veganism) or break up (bacon).

or maybe being vegetarian is like listening to ani difranco -- something respectable people only do in high skool.

i'm metaphor hungry. i'm also just-plain-noexcuses hungry. (but for what?) i do fine, vegetarian. the only thing i miss, occasionally, is fish, particularly on holidays. that's why fish was the last thing to go. go it did. i don't feel better about myself as a human being. in sushi restaurants in particular, i feel like an idiot. so why not eat fish?

why not eat fish? better with guidelines? it's headache inducing. the admonishments; the alternatives? (mom, don't look).

speaking of mom, i know it would make her happy if i went back to eating fish. there's a reason i can feel unconflicted about.

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