Friday, January 16, 2004

all better

i was a teeeeny iiiitsy bit depressed today after i got feedback on my short[screenplay] "EXIT" which i'd entered in its first contest. the judge liked it but didn't love it and, naturally, it didn't make the top ten.

short[screenplay]s about sex offenders finding love in purgatory over games of marbles just don't do it for everyone, i guess. however, i did get high marks for originality.

i read the tvwop recap of the apprentice and it was all better. you know, the terrific new reality series where the dumbest-yet-most-attractive mbas in the country compete for the honor of someday working for donald trump. i'd say something snarky but believe me, the recap more than does that for me. hoo boy, i can't remember the last time i laughed that hard.

wait, yes i can. it was earlier this evening when my father recounted his maiden attempt at a group cross-country skiing lesson.

dad: so we get to this mogul --
mom: mogul? MOGUL?
dad: and the teacher says go over the mogul and immediately i fall --
dad: -- breaking the bindings on my skiis. the teacher's really nice about it and she gives me her bindings. so then i try to go over the mogul again and i fall again and break HER bindings --
mom: paul, there was no mogul. you were on flat ground and the teacher just said, "move FORWARD."


dad: well, at the very least, it was a bump.

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