Monday, January 12, 2004

still laughing, two hours later

the best line i've ever read in esquire -- and even better in context where it follows hypermacho interviews with jack "if i were an arab-american i'd register myself. some things are more important than civil rights" nicholson and wonder "tough women abandon the feminine and that's too bad" woman --

adam west (you know, Batman): "i hate to disappoint you, but the batmobile only went 33 miles an hour."

for the record, i suppose i should say i used to be a hardcore jack nicholson fan. that was before i knew about the misogyny, the obsession with golf, the business about him being an accessory, and not the pretty kind, to roman polanski's infamous affair. but i admit, my life is just a little bit emptier without him, feminist bashing ("there are 3 times more single women over 40 than single men. that's the women's movement for you. that's chickens coming home to roost") and all.

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