Saturday, January 10, 2004


hollywood has the right idea. never do anything once if twice will make you more money.

unfortunately, after master and commander, i actually thought pirates of the caribbean was a little lackluster. so ... bruckheimer, so overdone. i was also distracted the entire movie, thinking, "who IS that guy? why does he look so goddamn familiar?"

(the answer to that question, as to all others, is "orlando bloom! christ! you call yourself a movie-goer?")

someone seriously needs to do a compare/contrast between m&c and potc. for instance, on the compare side: both titles end with "c." both include a character from the lotr trilogy, only modified so as to be shorter/taller. both have a phenomenally attractive captain named jack.

in pirates' favor, i have to say i find swaggering, eye-liner, a headscarf and a killer brogue more attractive, altogether, than a whole bunch of muscles and the ability to play the violin.
also in pirates' favor, geoffrey rush can give me an apple anytime. hooooooooooboy. makes me want to run out and rent quills.

but when it comes down it, pirates just goes on and on and the script can't sustain it. but when it comes down it, of course, who cares? skeletons! geoffrey rush! johnny depp!

on a completely different note, last night my grandmother told me i should elope and save everyone the trouble. not that i'm planning on getting married -- this came almost out of nowhere. now, my romantic sensibilities have never manifested themselves in a dream of a storybook wedding, but i was still caught a little off-guard.
a few moments later, my grandmother said, Or don't get married at all. soon no one will get married; it will totally out of style. just so long as you meet someone nice.
to that, i could happily say, Okay.

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