Tuesday, January 13, 2004

is there a medical term for over-emotional?

besides "female," i mean.

ha HA.

really, i hate television. really. it's canned, predictable, idiotic -- and that's just the reality shows. but i became addicted to bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown the same way i became addicted to baseball back in october, watching on the edge of my seat, shouting along with the commentators, flushed and giddy.

and this time, unlike in october, i was rooting for the winner.

i've also become (nearly) addicted to reruns of west wing on bravo, making the fledgling network hbo's rival for my most-watched. and hey, i'm a demographic they care about, right? i should treasure this while it lasts, while my opinions hold any cultural weight at all.

contributed to my overarching happiness are my terrific script conference with sam today; the last of my grades posted FINALLY this morning; and sense and sensibility which no number of viewings can or will ever decrease in quality or effect on me. it teaches valuable lessons, such as, Never trust a man who carries shakespeare's sonnets around in his pocket.

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