Tuesday, January 27, 2004


pfffff. what does new hampshire know? they didn't pick clinton way-back-when. maybe they have a thing against arkansasians (wow that word looks weird spelled out) that explains their not voting for my boy clark.
all i can say is, i hope the only viable candidate doesn't drop out of this race.

on a different political note, i am shocked, SHOCKED, that cbs would dare to deny airtime to an anti-bush ad while allowing a pro-bush one. cbs should not be deciding what is "too controversial" for the american viewing public during the superbowl. several things have outraged me over the past several years of bush administration secrets and lies, but only the valerie plame leak has gotten to me as much as this.

click on the banner to find out the details and, if you're so inclined, to express your outrage in email form.

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