Tuesday, January 06, 2004

twists and turns

so it turned out i was going to new mexico.
then it turned out i wasn't.

no biggie, i can adjust. see? look, i'm adjusting. my father and i might venture out next week instead, which would also be fine. now i just have to cobble together a list of things to keep me occupied at home with all my friends away. yesterday, while classic and very enjoyable, can't be template: i stayed in bed until 5 pm, in my nightgown, re-reading harry potter iv. i stopped only to eat (though, for lunch? i made this sandwich? maple-smoked cheddar, red onion, sliced egg, and raspberry chipotle sauce ... mmmmmm ...)

this was neccessary, of course, because while at swat w/ ben, i re-read the whole of harry potter v. my conclusion is that v was exactly what i wanted to read at the time that i read it, and still good and exciting and all that, but iv is of better consistency and iii is best of all.

on january 19th my mother is hosting a victory party for dick gephardt. not just any party, the official washington dc party -- the candidate will call our house, we'll have a speaker, and tickets will cost. i've been helping her plan. for something like this, i feel, you have to go all out. big gap adds modified to read "GEP" on the walls. blown-up old pictures from dick and primers that blare, "SEE DICK RUN! GO DICK GO!" crepe paper and balloons of course and the kitchiest hors d'oeuvres you can find.
i only regret i will not be here to participate.

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