Monday, January 19, 2004

party prep

countdown to the caucus. this is serious business. if you don't believe it, come to our victory party this evening: where there's lamb, there's serious business.

it's always nerve-wracking to me to realize i don't know something that 24 hours from now i will know. even though i couldn't possibly know what i don't yet know, it irritates me that my future-self will know something my present-self doesn't. for instance, will i get into grad skool? i'd really they let me know before they let me know, you know?

speaking of rubbish, someone should buy the rights to my subconscious mind. not only do i come up with ridiculously creative horror scenarios, i dream some crazy shit. last night i dreamt i was carrying a wicker ring. once i dropped it i couldn't find it again until i had the brilliant idea to turn off everything in the world that wasn't wicker.
instantly, i found the ring. i turned the world back to normal again but i'd changed something irrevokably. as the pompous and irritated authority figure informed me, i'd "fucked with impossibility!" now EVERYTHING was possible -- which meant, of course, everything was chaos.

please hope gep pulls through tonite. there are excellent political reasons but more importantly, if he does, it will make my family very happy.

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