Sunday, January 04, 2004

what's better than best?

you wouldn't think that getting a lovely laptop for hannukah could get any better. yet it has. ready? i'm WIFI. !! that means that not only can i be one of them cool people in coffee shops reading porn/, or on planes watching whatever dvd they want intead of mad love for the fourteenth time -- now i get to do all of that without the irritating cordage!

so. exciting.

barely an hour after i got home from my sojourn (vermont -> ny -> swarthmore -> philly -> dc) my little brother was dragging me to best buy. for some reason, he paid for my wifi card, except for $15 which he asked of me. and the cashier frowned at HIM and told him he should be ashamed! considering that my older brother purchased my new cellphone for me, it seems there's evidence to support a claim that i'm the family princess. i guess it evens out in the end, though, since i have to menstruate and earn $.70 for every dollar they earn. (i've never had this discrepancy explained to me, by the way -- what accounts for the gap, besides looks?)

anyway, i had a lovely, really lovely, time in vermont and new york and the philly area. little adam and mark came to stay with ben and me and were ideal guests. we zipped around the mountains, visiting picturesque 200 year old towns, each of which comes equipped with a library. interestingly, we didn't see a single dean sign. perhaps vt is less enchanted with the increasingly god-oriented candidate than the rest of the country.

speaking of his increasing god-orientation, a reporter asked dean at a recent press conference, where he was acting pious, what his favorite book in the new testament was. he replied, "the book of job." later he corrected himself, saying that of course job is part of the old/my/his wife and 2 children's testament.
so what's your favorite new testament book? the reporters asked.
the gospels, he said.
all of them.

now that's politics.

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