Tuesday, January 25, 2005

blue around the edges

my father, professing worry about ben, suggests that ben eat lamb chops in order to better compete with the meat eaters that abound at law skool. i thought people mostly considered lawyers leeches, not carnivorous beasts. more perplexing, if people eat an animal to appropriate its qualities, lamb chops seem a funny choice: he should be more sheepish, maybe? wha?

red meat is the answer. well, okay. i didn't know steaks worked to heal emotional black eyes too. maybe i should try it.

two of my library books appeared today, graham greene's our man in havana and, now for something completely different, the jane austen book club. thanks for nothing to all of you who refused to recommend books. i hope i did all right on my own. also, my copy of the angels in america dvd arrived!! -- to my slightly tempered excitement because close inspection revealed it to be a glossied up bootleg. like all those cds in moscow, dammit.

i will focus on what is positive about the world: lemony snicket. the west wing. hbo. (it would be nice to afford hbo.) the nields. scandinavian film (not exactly positive on the face of it ...) scandinavia in general. also canada, i'm told; the last time i was there i was 10. denise duhamel. chris rock hosting the oscars, which otherwise there'd be almost no reason to watch. ... actually, screw this. i'm off to get me some chicken wings.

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