Friday, January 14, 2005

not so much better

still wintry-mixing outside, still static-y inside. all of a sudden january got harsh. dealing with emotional situations is, of course, exhausting. last night i took a break and hopped over to park slope to have coffee with a college friend. see, they still have coffee shops with atmosphere over in brooklyn, possibly because they have less outlandish real estate prices. i spent an entire afternoon circling the east village once looking for just such a place and coming up empty. in fact, the hangout at which i finally landed played distractingly loud, abrasive music, wasn't terribly warm or comfortable, and had signs posted on the walls saying "no plugging in laptops" and "please restrict to your visit to the length of one hour."

yes, benefits of living in manhattan outweigh irritations. now that i've lived here, brooklyn seems ... small. well, anyway. the coffee was nice. or, rather, the pumpkin muffin. i didn't drink the coffee.

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