Sunday, January 23, 2005

stumbling blocks before the blind

why am i restless? this day was so well-designed. i was going to stay in my pajamas until the evening, watch movies and tv shows that are like movies, and eat junk food. the problem arises with that third thing: we don't have junk food. my household, such as it is, subsists on (a) food we buy and make into doubled recipes that become nightly dinners; and (b) crazy healthy pointless shit of which the new government standards would approve, like seaweed, peanuts, curry powder, organic yogurt, and raisins. and we're running low on raisins.

my roommate, purely to tempt me, i'm sure, left a bag full of chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of peppermint shnapps on the kitchen table. both have been sitting there now for many hours. the bible forbids that! bastards. clearly i should forego my red flannel pajamas for real clothes and go get my own damn self some cookies, if it means that much to me, but the wind's still howling outside, glorying over its fresh piles of snow. meh.

so instead, i'm cowering inside, watching movies and feeling half-sated by whole wheat pasta, tofuti cuties, and hummos. oooh, there's the wind again. yesterday night ben and i ventured out in the blizzard to see a play because a college friend is in it -- and there, in the theater, we found a GAGGLE of other college folks. apparently we're a loyal bunch. it was eerie, especially since my other friends/plans for the weekend did cancel (le sigh), and i had expected a night of few familiar faces.

the blizzard was fun. you couldn't tell the street from the sidewalk, except that there were more people on the sidewalk and more cars on the street. on average.

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