Wednesday, January 05, 2005

history rounds off skeletons to the nearest zero

that's why people should want to be poets. to write lines like that.

my current mood is nowhere near that dark at the moment. for one thing, i'm less sore. on monday evening i took my first yoga class ever and all of yesterday, as i ran around trying to coordinate my busiest day of work yet, i felt the effects in muscles i don't even know the names of. also, the yoga instructor had this habit of just calling out poses: "plank!" "child!" "prayer!" around me, my fellow classmates had pavlovian reactions to these words; their bodies immediately contorted properly, while mine was stuck at "huh? who? what?"

still, it is blessedly relaxing to turn your mind off for a while. i was too busy scrambling to catch up with the contorting to ruminate on my the bizarre sequence of boy-oriented dreams i had over break.

#1) dating a boy, let's call him KODAK, from high skool. turned out KODAK was cheating on me! bastard! he begged me to forgive him, following me around until i was exhausted and had to comfort him. bastard! then i realized i could break up with him. oh glory glory hallelujah. i woke up smiling.

#2) met dennis miller. he asked if he could walk me home, although we ended up at his apartment, which brimmed with white furniture. we dated tentatively for 3 weeks and he became fixated on me, asked for my hand in marriage. dennis miller, i said, you barely know me. i do!, he said. but he didn't.
tried to get away from him but he followed me. ben, i remembered. poor ben! ben was sad i had been dating dennis miller. poor ben! i resolved to be better to him. but dennis miller kept following me, eventually squeezing into a full car and forcing me to decide whether to sit on his lap or ben's. unhappy car ride.

#3) dating a gay friend of mine from college. why? we always kept our clothes on. one time his father walked into the room. i was mortified but my gay friend started casually talking to his father, like i wasn't even there.

i'm not sure what any of this means, tho it's interesting to have such similar dreams one after the other. back in the real world, i'm pretty resolved to keep taking the yoga class and maybe start dry cleaning my clothes, too, if i'm really ambitious. look at me go!

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