Sunday, January 09, 2005

the coincidence!

for the second time in as many days, i ran into a friend of mine from college. there she was, standing among the fruits ben n i were gathering for an improptu, late-nite fruit salad. of all things, she's performing in a show in our neighborhood.

the other, first friend run-in happened in a 9:45 showing of the life aquatic yesterday. that that friend chose not only this particular theater but this particular SHOWTIME, when there are 12 possibilities, seemed serendipitous. but now two in a row! that's extra-special-bonus serendipity, at your service. it's almost as if the universe were trying to contradict my anxiety about being Friendless. that anxiety, which hovered through the fall, settled in again recently. being in wanakena over new years, surrounded by compatriots, makes not being in wanakena -- or college, or cty, or anyplace with ready, varied society -- hard to accept.

it is 05 now. 05 is the first year of my conscious life in which i will not be in any form of skool. i will have to accept that, and i will have to find other ways of meeting Friends. like in movie theaters or among melons, or -- requiring more activity on my part -- while taking yoga and while in a creative writing group that i will actually attend. these are my firm resolutions. yes. i will be firm. reality television is not so important that i should plan my life around it. at least it will not be until someone pays me to write about it.

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