Thursday, January 06, 2005


a nypost headline i spotted over a gentleman's shoulder in the subway read "TIDAL WAVE OF DEATH." that must win some sort of prize: for redundancy, for idiocy, for pure inappropriateness ... i know, the nypost prize!

today was a weird day. for one thing, i was promoted. as you can perhaps tell, i'm somewhat ambivalent. certainly i'm glad to be getting more security, more stability, marginally more money and a swankier email address (all lowly employees get a generic handle, but my new generic handle will be XXXASST -- for "XXX's assistant" -- instead of NYFLOATERXX -- for "office bitch # XX"). i will miss what i've been doing tho and i'm scared i won't be as good at what i'm about to do.

still, whatever. i'm promoted, and that's better than being passed over. it's good that someone in this agency has faith in me, believes that i'm "smart as hell" and that i have "zeal". and it's a new challenge. new challenge for a new year. can't turn that down. (did i mention, marginally more money? about enough to buy a muffin a week, but a muffin is a muffin.)

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