Friday, April 26, 2002

hmm, trying to shake off malaise even though it's a malaise-y quality day. i expected to sleep in after my late night romp with the corleones' and wheather (will+heather. there's no point in being clever if no one gets it.) but the phone startled me awake this morning at 8. "hello?" "hi." "hi! oh, hi! -- is anything wrong?"
i seem to have inherited my mother's cautionary instincts. luckily no, nothing was wrong w/ the young gentleman, or at least nothing out of the ordinary. as i've lamented at length before, i dislike telephone conversations. i adore emails, i love letters, IM rockz my world!!!, but phones, no, not so much. ah well. we talked for an hour or so and i've been ambling around pointlessly since. read some dorothy parker, took a shower, am now contemplating lunch. yawn. lots of people are out of town, this being a three-day weekend. i should work. maybe once i venture into the gray uninviting yonder for some falafel, i'll get to it.

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