Thursday, April 18, 2002

i think i've picked my classes for next semester. women society and politics w/ madame murphy (and sarah c.); discourse analysis w/ my advisor r.w.p. (and ross?); 20th cent. russian history w/ weinburg (who asked me if i was sure i didn't want to take the seminar instead. like i could handle a history seminar.); and intro ed., w/ someone. ann maybe? anyone know anything about the ed profs? i can always hold off on intro ed and take race, ethnicity and public policy instead. is taking two history classes wise? decisions ...

last nite i had wholesome family fun. accompanied krissy to her tough, adorable hostmom's house, inhabited by two dogs, pictures of their 23 previous DIS host-kids, and two borrowed "grandkids" from a neighboring family. we watched brigid jones which i enjoyed more this time, maybe b/c i had fewer expectations of it matching [up to] the book.
this morning, heather and i made synchronized hostel reservations for barcelona. now it's double-official that we're going, barring the usual disasters, of course. heather heads off to roma this afternoon. i'm going to buy groceries so andrea and i can prepare (honeyed carrots and stuffing, hooboy) for sam's brainchild: a simulated thanksgiving for her host-family. counting the various friends she's enlisted to contribute, we'll have 13 folks around the table, representing at least three countries and various regions of the u.s. i'm curious myself to see what people pop up with.

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