Friday, April 12, 2002

what are the odds of seeing two movies about paranoid schizophrenics in two days? shannon suggested revolution #9 this evening so i hopped to, blindly, just as i hopped into donnie d.. i have to say that revolution really made me appreciate donnie -- had shannon not been with me, i might have hopped right out again. bad timing, horrible script, irritating direction ... yeah.

on the brighter side of things, before the movie, i had a nice dinner w/ andrea, and she and i met heather for a rendezvous catch-up-date. we found ourselves a bar with a window we could cluster around. ten minutes or so later, a kid appeared beside my chair. are you british? no, american. oh. well my friend over there is british. he turns squarely to me. and he finds you attractive. he's wondering whether you'd like to come join us. i just stare, wondering whether to laugh; heather, luckily, is smooth. Could you ask him to come over here? i manage: what's his name?
he appears next to my chair as his friend vanishes, assuming virtually the same position. thinnish, blond, awkward smile, holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. he tells us he's lived all over the world, from new jersey to moscow. how old are you, asks heather. nineteen. ahhh. charming conversation ensues ("so ... have you been to christiania?") unfortunately, after a few minutes, i have to kindly-firmly shoo him away so we can resume our girltalk.
andrea says, ester, you're glowing. heather grins. one day, she says, you'll miss having those younger boys after you.
heather, i say. i'm nineteen.
she blinks at me. oh. right.

nb: to those of you who notice such things, i deleted the other entry from today. apologies to ben and various others i probably offended.

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