Wednesday, April 17, 2002

it would have been nice if the sun emerged today. it appears to be sulking. meanwhile, unconcerned trees here continue turning a demure green while people run around doing the same damn things they've been doing for months arrayed in the same damn sweaters and coats.
i'm getting a little tired of winter. there've been more sirens lately and the drunks on the square near DIS have gotten more rowdy, so i guess i might not be the only one. the girlz and i were thinking bakken tonite perhaps; with this insistently chilly, droopy weather though, why bother?

once i found out the lottery won't be held for another week, the suspense drained out of yesterday leaving it rather ordinary. i did some preliminary research with shannon for DK Pol paper. how films are funded, what the system's like here, and the political/societal implications of the dogme movement. with that in mind, we and anne watched italian for beginners, the fluffiest, most innocuous one.

today i'm heading down to the israeli embassy with andrea. i'm not sure what my motive is or what i want to accomplish. once i heard that anti-zionists of all sorts -- arabs, jews, and nonsectarians inspired by the palestinian struggle -- were demonstrating there, i felt the urge to go. it's awful to have to stand alone, forced to represent, as though you had no opinions of your own, all aspects of some greater thing. they're diplomats. i'm sure they're used to it. all the same, i don't know exactly how isolated they are, and maybe they'd like to see a couple friendly faces.

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