Saturday, April 20, 2002

i've never cooked for 14 before. i've never cooked for thanksgiving before. i've never had thanksgiving in april before. i guess there's a first time for everything.
blessedly, andrea's-and-my contributions to the feast (and oh what a feast it was) stood their ground even among such seasoned veterans as green-bean casserole and yams with marshmellow. i was so proud.
now i'm so full. altogether we assembled like twenty dishes, including five kinds of desserts, and nothing disappointed. sam's host-parents experienced their first thanksgiving, as did a russian DISer. i experienced my first deviled eggs and sweet tea. sam, of course, was the hero of the evening: bustling, overseeing, directing, managing, barely breaking a sweat, let alone a plate.

the residue left by this morning's run-in with reality melted away. contentment and warm food took its place, lingering on my teeth. between both, and the shift from one to the other, i'm emotionally exhausted. and might -- haven't decided yet -- chance the rally tomorrow regardless.

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