Monday, April 08, 2002

i am evil and wicked and bad. i woke up this morning (after a bizarre-beyond-words dream in which my family traveled around like the patridge- in a big ol' bus, and my seat at the table was a toilet, and other crazinesses besides) to review what reading i had to do over breakfast. there to my surpise i found on my syllabus that my jews in europe outline for my jews in europe paper was due today. needless to say, as i spent yesterday reading -- finishing, in fact; oh yes -- satanic verses, i did nothing of the sort and opened and closed my mouth for a while as though that might help.

my initial plan, as i told krissy when we met to drop off film together, was to skip the class and write the outline then. that, on further deliberation, made no sense at all. instead and by way of punishment, i skipped criminal justice this morning (my favorite class ...) and hunkered down with books on the balkans. just finished and with some time to spare.

didn't end up seeing fat girl as it turned out last nite. a talk with lana convinced me that in my already vulnerable state, heavy film would be the mental equivalent of a crowbar to a fractured leg. anne was in recovery from a binge so it was just krissy and i, and she readily agreed that we could find an alternative. scouring the Nat Film guide, however, we could only find light frothy films at theaters we'd never heard of and didn't know how to get to. downstairs the film group was showing traffic but doors remained solidly, stolidly closed against our pleas for entrance. just as we put on coats and made to go out and find SOMETHING, we noticed the slimmest of cracks in one of them. we dashed to it, forcing our way in, and caught the last act, which i am ashamed to admit before now i'd never seen. following that we went down to the bar and talked.
so as it turned out it was a good evening. has anyone else read verses? it's the kind of book that it helps/would feel good to discuss with someone; unfortunately i have yet to happen upon someone who has experienced it. if no one steps up, i'll have to mail it to ever-the-fallback ari a la death kit. don't worry ari, it's roughly 32 times better.

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