Tuesday, April 30, 2002

i'm near-hyperventilating. this is too good to be true and there's no one i'm friends with in this computer lab to shriek to. i've been offered a job -- ASIDE from the one i'm being interviewed for this evening -- as an intern for a small independent production company: Singing Wolf Documentaries, recently formed by two women, Karen Cantor of the USA and Camilla Kj�rulf of Denmark. their summer project in dc is a documentary about the 1943 rescue of the danish jews. this summer. in dc. me. films. documentaries. jews. women. and they're in copenhagen now so i can meet up with them if i like. copenhagenjewswomenfilmdocumentaries -- it's virutally my meta tag!

okay *gasp* ... okay. i still have to final-touch my dk pol paper. i still have to get through two classes and dinner with eric, who very sweetly invited me to be cooked for when just a couple nights ago it occurred to me that our friendship had essentially become a-first-half-of-the-semester thing. and then my phone interview, though now the pressure is definitely off. i have an option!
before flipping out, the logical thing to do is wait to see how the phone interview goes. and logical -- we all know that's my middle name.

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