Thursday, September 19, 2002

even though i didn't write a review this week, my presence did not go unnoted. a girl i've never met nor heard of (marc says she dresses well and smokes cigarettes) wrote a letter into the paper criticising last week's review of the pretentious, ponderous lucia y el sexo. she accuses me of "misunderstanding spanish cinema." my film teacher today read that part aloud in class, raising his eyebrows at me. controversy is fun!

scrabble tonight. before then, i have to get some history reading done and a lot of revision on my screenplay which i will throw out of the nest, ready or not, on oct. 2. hooboy, the excitement. i almost threw it out entirely yesterday after an emotional discussion with someone who, in venting about the occasional ineffectiveness of allies, made me feel like i also just thought i was "down" with the queer community. when i cited the globs and globs of queer people i love, she compared that to someone saying, "how could i be racist? some of my best friends are black." considering how strongly i identify as an ally, especially after so much struggling about whether or not i was queer myself, and how afraid i've always been of that word, it sent me reeling. which wasn't her intent. we talked at length later, clearing things up, and venting more, productively. i leant her a dress and let her research porn on my computer and she told me i was a good ally, not necessarily in that order. it was an important night.

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