Monday, September 02, 2002

i actually feel moderately proud of my time spent here so far. today i attended two classes, both history, both taught my super-strong, super-intelligent, intimidating women (this i hope will help with my yearlong goal of subduing my fear of [such] people) and didn't do anything remarkably stupid in either. i bought some books and an ethernet cable at the bookstore. i patted myself on the back for my demonstrable creativity with dental floss (if you want evidence, visit my room). i rekindled my love affair with elizabeth, realized i live in matt rubin's old room (oh so THAT'S why the extention sounded so familiar), and punched rob cox until i was giddy. i went to the cafeteria twice and didn't overdose on diet coke.
now i have to write my movie review. then i have a hall meeting. then i'm going to see dr. strangelove. a girl in the basement told me her name, and when i told her mine, said, "ester - [my last name]?" yes, i replied, feeling deja vu-y, as i just had this exact conversation with someone else. "oh," said the girl, "you're fa-- i mean, why do i know you?" "were you going to say, 'famous'?" i asked, incredulous. "yes," she said. "but i thought it would sound weird."
and ben claims no one knows who i am.

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