Sunday, September 01, 2002

a moment of panic descended as i sat at this public computer, stared at the blogger login screen, and realized i'd forgotten my handle. that's at least partly because of my unfamiliar surroundings (so much white cinderblock) -- partly also my nervousness, to which i also attribute my bad skin and random twitching. but actually, as reentries go, this one hasn't been half-bad. my mom and my grandparents dropped me off yesterday on the way to a batmitzvah in new jersey. despite the hurry, they were super-nice to me: they helped me carry my stuff up(4flightsof)stairs, bought me lunch, hugged me a lot. i rewarded them by growling and pointing out the passersby i recognized (in order to establish beyond a doubt they didn't have what a tiny skool it is). finally, as they prepared to go, i despaired, "all these idiots i know! where are the idiots i LIKE?"

as if on cue, my roomie brigid and my dearfriend stef swept me up. after that it was all good. we helped each other move in and then we helped lazeliz, who won't arrive til tonite but whose stuff needed to be shifted from her summer residence -- also 4 flights up -- immediately. we shoulda helped ourselves to her stuff, but, being kind, we just left it in the hallway.
since, i've encountered 91% of the people who matter, and as at least 5% are abroad, that's not bad. brigid's and my room is white and spacey and we've already settled in so that it looks rather inviting (like brigid herself). ross is going to take yoga with me. sarah c. introduced me to her friends who glutted co|motion with japanese candy as we prepared our attack on the frosh at this afternoon's activity fair.
for a drenched sunday morning i'm feeling pretty chipper. almost, even, though i know this'll come back and bite me somehow, glad to be back.

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