Monday, September 16, 2002

fasting worsened my cold. in fact, i didn't really have a cold until i fasted. i had no voice and no cold. now i have some of both. but i wouldn't have felt like it was yom kippur if i'd just gone along my merry way. if this isn't worth it, at least it feels necessary.
i'm unabashedly glad it's over, though, and i can go back to properly hydrating myself. the sense of vertigo that hit this afternoon returns when i think about the nearfuture. like an idiot, or an optimist, i'm applying to project greenlight. i haven't sent any of my work off in ages; i'm usually too timid and frightened of failure. the submissions window extends from 9/19 to 10/2 -- not much time to nudge true love waits from 1st draft status to Fine Piece o' Art. co|motion, my cuntlovin community service group, is starting up again. since i'm clearly incapable of doing anything halfheartedly, i'm up to at least a scrabble game a day. qsa; film reviews; and all the durned skoolwork i haven't as yet begun to take seriously (and thus need to catch up on.)

at least the important holidays are over. now i can concentrate on getting the blasted credit for my study abroad work. i can't believe 5 -- the maximum -- number of classes in denmark might not equal 4 swarthmore credits. i can't believe the number of hoops i have to jump through simply for that. that deadline's early october too. mmmmm. i need to get better quick.

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